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I wrote this music... quite suddenly, as strange as it may sound.

I never thought I would do something in this genre, but a friend of mine asked me to make a few tracks for his project. As a result some part of compositions from this album became accompaniment for the visual novel Paris Encore about the period before the beginning of World War II (the novel is in Russian). However, I immediately realized that this would be something bigger.

The album's title appeared after I saw the photo which as a result became its cover artwork. It was taken by my friend Asya, on the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg. I wrote to her and asked for permission to use it. I'm very glad that she agreed - thank you Asya! ) I also want to thank Alina Vinokurova.

One of the peculiarities of the creative process was that I broke my clavicle (again), and as a consequence my hand was immobilized for some time. Which is why I couldn't hold a guitar. I perceived this as a challenge of fate and decided to write the music I'm able to write while recovering — and now you can hear the result.

The track Moloko Plus was inspired by the presentation of the magazine of the same name, its contents and related events. In fact, I wrote it all at once, despite the fact that it's the longest on the album. So thanks to the creators of this magazine.

I came up with the name Ancient Bullets in predawn twilight as a nice oxymoron, because firearms appeared not so long ago to become old as we see it. It's perfectly combined with the fact that I wrote music with the flavor of antiquity and mystery using a modern computer.

But a few days later when everything was done and I uploaded album it the Web, waiting for when it will appear on the relevant services, I got to learn that the ‘ancient bullets’ really existed. Those were the sling bullets, smaller than usual with a hole drilled in each. They were used by the Romans as a weapon of intimidation. Archeologists found them in Scotland. ...I thought this way before I knew that the word 'bullets' in English is used not only for firearm bullets, but for sling bullets as well. Anyway, it doesn't matter, lol.

Listen, download the album for free, but I will be glad if you buy it - this would greatly encourage the creative process. My creative process. As usual I would ask to tell the world about my music and share it with your friends, mates, coworkers, neighbors, spouses, lovers, drinking companions and other fantastic beasts!

Like, share, repost! )

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released December 12, 2016




Ancient Bullets Russia

Ancient Bullets is a project of Melnar.
Melnar is the founder and head of Exitland band.
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